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  • Who is Yard Sale?

    The outfit, formed in 2010, woke up in the midst of the Great Recession and decided that American audiences longed to hear authentic tales of classic crisis. Yard Sale tunes are sung from the heart in 3-part harmony with a sense of pride, purpose, and dark humor. They deal with topics of country-fried angst like drinkin’ and cheatin’ and going for broke while going broke. But they also invoke the soulful beauty of R&B, the uplifting anthems of gospel, the lonesome melancholy of bluegrass, and the steamrolling syncopation of early 20th century riverboat minstrels and hobo jug bands.


    Following the rambunctious success of their 2012 debut EP “Gone with the Sunrise,” Yard Sale is releasing a series of three singles plus their newest music video. In the spirit of retro 45 rpm singles, Yard Sale will release both A-side and B-side tracks in the “The Low Dog Singles”. Paying tribute to a Lakota warrior who was at Custer’s Last Stand. Low Dog Single #1, with songs “White Mansion” and “When I Was Still Young” is available now on itunes and at all live shows.

    Check out YARD SALE's new video for "White Mansion", shot as a day in the live of the boys playing across the Hudson Valley.

    Low Dog Single #2, to be released November 5, 2013, includes “Sweet Mountain Angel” and “Everything Comes with Strings.”

  • Bookings

    Let us know if you want to host a Yard Sale party in your town and we'll put you in on the next tour list!

    Yard Sale’s stage presence invokes genuine high-energy Vaudevillian carnival barker theatrics. Shows typically include amateur auctioneering, for example, and the hawking of actual garage sale items like used auto parts, secondhand VHS tapes, and dog-eared romance novels. The cumulative impact is that the band generates the contagiously explosive spontaneity of a moonshine-fueled barroom brawl. So everyone in the audience gets swept up in a boot-stomping hoedown of hip-shaking proportions.

    Booking Inquiries:
    Jamie Dodd Booking

    Press Inquiries:
    Susan Stone

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